"Structured as a series of vignettes, Robert Lemon’s exceptionally insightful documentary explores the cultural implications of taco trucks and how they can transform a community. Lidia, a truck owner and undocumented immigrant, emerges as the heart of the film, and there’s a poignant sequence of synchronized cooking that illustrates how certain customs keep estranged families linked over vast distances. Lemon’s observant lens wisely allows various scenes to breathe, enabling the audience to feel like participants rather than passive viewers, and inviting them to engage in the film’s provocative discussion."


- Matt Fagerholm, Chicago Film Critic, Assistant Editor at Roger Ebert Publishing and Founder of Indie Outlook

Extended Trailer

Transfusión is a cinema verite documentary that traces taco trucks across the city of Columbus, Ohio, uncovering the complex and contentious circumstances encompassing Mexican cuisine in the United States.


While the west side of the City (the Greater Hilltop Area) struggle to come to terms with how to handle the emergence of taco trucks, a black neighborhood on the East side (the King-Lincoln district) has invited a taco truck into one of the most impoverished areas of Columbus to help revitalize the community. For the City of Columbus the trucks are more than just about food, they're about immigration, race, community acceptance, and the exchange of life in the inner city.