"My mission is to create visual narratives that elucidate the humanity of genuine characters, while amplifying the intrinsic nuances and idiosyncrasies of their socioeconomic landscape." - Robert Lemon
Robert Lemon

director / producer / director of photography


Robert does not come to film with an extensive background in filmmaking. What makes Robert’s approach to filmmaking unique is his understanding of cities through their visual character. As an urban geographer and environmental designer, Robert has studied the social relationships and built transformations of cities through their aesthetic representation. Currently Robert holds a PhD in geography from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied the role food plays in shaping social behavior and urban policy in cities. He also lectures at the University of California, Berkeley in landscape architecture.



Tim Mollette-Parks

music director / music composer


Tim Mollette-Parks’ fascination with storytelling began through his exposure to the rich-heritage of spinning yarns in his boyhood home in the foothills and coalfields of Eastern Kentucky. He furthered refined his own craft of telling a story through 10 years working as a journalist at daily newspapers in Kentucky, Kansas City, Charlotte, N.C. and finally in Chicago.


While in Chicago, he found a new medium for exploring the extraordinary stories of everyday life—songwriting. He spent four years as singer, guitar player and primary songwriter in a well-regarded folk/bluegrass band, The Kentucky Hilltoppers, publishing several songs that were performed or recorded by other Chicago musicians. Through the songwriting process, he developed an understanding of the combination of words, melody and rhythm that  can develop a multi-layered expression of a narrative.


As an Music Director and Composer, he is excited to continue his investigation of song and story, providing musical direction and scoring for the visual compositions of Transfusion.

Twitter Tim @tmopa

Addison Kavish

assistant editor

Based in San Francisco, California, Addison has been a film editor for ten years. A graduate of the Cinema Department at San Francisco State University, Addison works as a full-time professional editor with clients all around the Bay Area.​ He has worked on almost every genre and style of film and video imaginable, from corporate videos to narrative films to surrealistic art films.

Addison will be working with Robert as his second set of eyes. He will be part of the editing team throughout production process helping the director compose scenes and select relevant footage. He will also make the final edit cut and color corrections when the film is near picture lock.